Harry Styles

Harry Styles Dubbed the 'Least Engaging' Celebrity on Twitter
One Direction member Harry Styles may have a whopping 16.5 million Twitter followers, but as far as being an engaging tweeter, he's failed majorly. He's been found to be the "least engaging" Twitter celebrity, according to a recent study. We know, shouldn't they be studying more important things? Like whether super intelligent sharks hold the cure to Alzheimer's? Probably.
Harry Styles Gets Rose Tattoo
Harry Styles' body is a canvas ... or more like a galleria. The One Direction singer added yet another tattoo to his extensive collection of occasionally questionable (and occasionally regretted) body art, this time etching a rose on his arm.
Harry Styles vs. Justin Bieber - Swoon-Off
Part of the job description for "pop star" seems to include being a teenage heartthrob. One Direction's Harry Styles and Justin Bieber are no exception. These two teens know how to make their female fans go absolutely crazy. Which singer do you think is more swoon-worthy?
Taylor Swift Parties With Harry Styles After 2013 MTV VMAs
Despite supposedly telling her former beau Harry Styles to "shut the f--- up" at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift knows to play nice when she's fully aware that cameras are on her. The 'Everything Has Changed' singer even cozied up for a photo with Styles and their mutual BFF, Ed Sheeran, at a VMAs after party.
2013 MTV Video Music Awards Winners List
The 2013 MTV Video Music Awards are underway, and between the performances, the fashion and the insane moments (we're looking at you, twerking Miley Cyrus), it's almost tough to keep up with the actual awards and who won what! We're here to help...
Harry's Mob Hit
One Direction fans in New York City got a little too overzealous with poor Harry Styles this week. The 'Best Song Ever' singer was mobbed beyond comprehension outside of his hotel and almost had a meltdown -- but still kept his cool enough to engage with the very fans who terrified him.
Ke$ha's Cru$hes
Kesha is pretty fearless and doesn't take anyone's crap (especially not this guy's), but there are some people who genuinely scare her: Directioners, because they're insane, and Beyonce -- because, well, look at her.
Do Ya Think He's Sexy?
On April 25, One Direction member Harry Styles was seen with music legend Rod Stewart, dining out with the 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy' singer and his family -- and reportedly macking on Stewart's 33-year-old daughter Kimberly.
Mindy Kaling Met Harry Styles And Our Hearts Exploded [PHOTO]
Adorable star of 'The Mindy Project' and formerly of 'The Office' and author of 'Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me?' Mindy Kaling is everyone's girl crush. Everyone's. So when she took a photo with Harry Styles of One Direction, who is everyone's regular crush (except maybe Taylor Swift's), we couldn't handle it.
Harry Styles
In a recent interview, Harry Styles from the UK boy band One Direction decided it would be a great idea to spend the time he should have been talking about the group's new documentary to instead slam all his ex-lady loves. Including Taylor Swift.
Cattiness Is Out of the Bag
Because it's apparently her thing now, Taylor Swift alluded to her relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles in another interview. This time she did the talking herself instead of hiring someone out to do her dirty work. In a new piece, Swift admits, in a roundabout way, that 'I Knew You Were Trouble' is about Hazza. If she knew he was trouble, why did she date him ... twice?
'You're So ... '
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have been broken up so far almost as long as they were together, but that doesn't mean anyone's stopped talking about them. And now we know what comment caused the split in the first place.
Harry Situation
Directioners (the super secret code name for One Direction fans) are in an uproar over a tabloid story that alleged British television host Yvette Fielding received sext messages from a then 16-year-old Harry Styles. As expected, the girls have harnessed all the fury adolescence allows, but Fielding -- a Styles family friend -- vehemently denies it ever happened. And in what had to be the most awk

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