As if being arrested (yet again) for punching psychics in the face wasn't enough tabloid fodder for Lindsay Lohan, the IRS has now seized all her bank accounts for an unpaid tax bill.

Thus giving "poor LiLo" a whole new meaning.

According to TMZ, Lindsay owes the government $233,904 for years of unpaid federal taxes. So, tired of waiting for La Lohan to get her act together and settle the debt, the IRS seized her bank accounts.

Did you not see 'Liz & Dick,' Government? How much money could there possibly have been in there?

Sources say Lindsay is in full freak-out mode and desperately in search of cash. We're just hoping she's not porn-desperate. Because while 'Fire Crotch' would make a catchy title, it's just not a movie we ever want to see.

Hey, Charlie Sheen -- got any more money in the charity fund?

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