A lawyer for Amanda Bynes pled no contest today on behalf of the possibly crazed former actress, who got herself in trouble last fall for driving on a suspended license.

As a result, Bynes -- who wasn't in court -- was given three years probation, ordered to pay a $300 fine and warned not to try to drive without a license or valid insurance again. She must also obey all laws for the 3-year period.

The incident happened back in September (before her online antics really kicked into high gear) when she was pulled over in Burbank, Calif. After cops realized her license was suspended because of two previous hit-and-runs, Bynes' car was impounded.

Those other cases were thrown out after a private settlement was reached with the victims for an undisclosed amount, proving that money can solve almost everything.

This only leaves one remaining DUI case, and then Bynes is free to focus her time on being the retired millionaire she's always wanted to be.