If you're ever baked and driving around without a license and you happen to hit a couple cars along the way, here's a handy phrase that'll get you out of trouble: “Sorry about that. Let me soothe your pain with an assload of money."

Okay, maybe it won't work for you, but apparently it has for Amanda Bynes.

A few months ago, the Los Angeles city attorney charged her in two separate hit-and-run incidents that occurred earlier this year, but it seems Bynes waved her magic checkbook and made them go poof.

“The victims agreed to dismiss the charges after a financial settlement was reached,” a source said. “There really is no need to pursue legal charges because damages to their respective vehicles was paid for.”

A judge and a prosecutor both signed off on the deal on Dec. 12 because, as Bynes' lawyer said, “Amanda took responsibility for her actions, and the court recognized that.”

But she's not out of the legal woods yet -- she still has to contend with a DUI and two counts of driving on a suspended license. In the meantime, she's off in NYC club-hopping, getting her nails done and trying to make turbans happen.