Tuesday night was a big night for America. Finally, a long and difficult campaign for the White House was coming to an end and instead of watching endless political adds, we were all glued to our TVs watching endless election results.

Except for Amanda Bynes, who went out for a late-night manicure and sat in silence in a 24-hour nail salon. Par-tay.

First of all, there are 24-hour nail salons? Forget the election, this is big news for the US. Never again do we have to suffer chipped nails until 10 the next morning.

The bad news about these establishments is that spies lurk about. Sneaky inside sources who report to gossip columns when annoying, drunk-driving, bad decision-making celebs show up. And that's what happened to Ms. Bynes on Tuesday night.

The former Nickelodeon star arrived at the salon, which was relatively empty save for the presence of fellow patron Janelle Snowden, a correspondent for VH1’s ‘Big Morning Buzz Live’ who needed a last minute mani on her way to cover the Soul Train Awards.

Anyway, the spy told the New York Post that Snowden tried to engage Bynes in a bit of “this place is awkwardly empty what else can we do” small talk, but Bynes would have none of it.

The narc said Bynes shot Snowden a “look like, ‘If you speak with me one more time, I will knife you.’”

Apparently Mandy's feeling a bit sensitive in such venues after that whole wandering-around-naked-in-a-tanning-salon incident. Maybe she was thinking about stripping down in the nail salon too and didn't want it to wind up on VH1.

It's not surprising that she was standoffish. Her most recent public statement was “I’m 26, a multimillionaire, retired. Please respect my privacy.” It’s almost as if she knows she’s worthy of being ignored.

As for why she needed a midnight manicure, Bynes was overheard saying that she was meeting up with a gentleman friend. And everyone knows it's tacky to show up for late-night booty calls with ragged cuticles.