California has plenty of crazy drivers, but as of this week, Amanda Bynes is no longer one of them -- the state finally suspended her license.

The 26-year-old actress, whose mugshot should really be shown in Just Say No seminars, has been involved in a seemingly endless series of hit-and-run incidents this year, including one in which she sideswiped a police car. That got her a DUI arrest, after which she firmly maintained she doesn't drink.

Then she proved she actually lives in a bottle full-time (kind of like 'I Dream of Jeannie' only without the astronaut boyfriend or super cool blinking powers) when she tweeted to President Obama to fire the cop who hauled in her accident-prone ass.

Now the Los Angeles city attorney has had enough, charging her in two separate hit-and-run incidents and suspending her license. If she's found guilty of the wrecks, she could wind up in the clink.

May we recommend the Lindsay Lohan Suite?

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