Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Style Breakdown
Victoria Beckham is known for three things -- her sense of style, her sky high heels and her permascowl. She wears and designs amazing attire, is never seen in flats and never, ever cracks a smile. Celebs love her clothes. We love her clothes. She has an innate and inherent sense of what looks good …
Say Cheese
Stop the metaphorical presses! David Beckham shared a photo containing incontrovertible proof that his wife can and does smile.
Personally, we're more shocked about the "can" part of that sentence.
Boy Toys
American Girl dolls: they're the stuff nightmares are made of, with their unblinking soulless eyes, buck teeth and collectibility among grown women. However, this did not stop Victoria and David Beckham from buying one for their son, Romeo.
On the one hand, we applaud them for allowing their son to p…
No. 3: Victoria Beckham – Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs
And speaking of two oranges in a sack, Victoria Beckham -- whom we used to know and love as Posh Spice -- was apparently smuggling produce for a while. She has since had them removed and replaced with something a little more life-like, but the two unearthly beings on her chest were enough to give an…
Posh at a Price
Victoria Beckham is famous for four things, none of which have anything to do with the Spice Girls: She's stick-thin, she scowls in paparazzi photos, she has a lot of kids and she's married to David Beckham.
But the smile-averse fashionista is also a rather talented designer -- we'll give her that. …
Toddler Envy
The youngest daughter of soccer player David Beckham and wife Victoria, aka Dour Spice, reportedly lives a charmed life with an $8,000 wardrobe to match.