The youngest daughter of soccer player David Beckham and wife Victoria, aka Dour Spice, reportedly lives a charmed life with an $8,000 wardrobe to match.

According to The Daily Mail, the littlest Beckham of the clan, 1-year-old Harper, has a closet of clothes worth four times the average adult woman's.

Which would be all well and good if babies didn't, you know, grow.

Harper currently has in her collection dresses from Marc Chantal, Little Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney Misty totaling $577, not to mention $48 tights from Chloe and a Bonpoint sweater that costs $160. All of which she will likely outgrow within the month.

Apparently fashionista Victoria has some sort of phobia about her only daughter being photographed in the same outfit twice, and who can blame her? Come on, even toddlers know you never face the paparazzi wearing a dress they've seen before!

The horror, people. The baby fashion horror.

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