Stop the metaphorical presses! David Beckham shared a photo containing incontrovertible proof that his wife can and does smile.

Personally, we're more shocked about the "can" part of that sentence.

It has long been believed (at least according to all those cryptozoology articles we read) that Victoria Beckham could not and would not smile, despite being married to a gorgeous piece of eye candy like David Beckham.

But now we know differently.

David posted the cute snap on his Facebook account, captioning it with the cheeky, "See I told you she smiles." He didn't have to put peanut butter in her mouth or anything!

Victoria herself has even joked about her reputation as a sourpuss, being a little self-deprecating at a Vogue festival in London and admitting, "Everyone thinks I'm going to be such a cow [when they meet me] -- I get it, because I think the same when I see the pictures."

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