Victoria Beckham is famous for four things, none of which have anything to do with the Spice Girls: She's stick-thin, she scowls in paparazzi photos, she has a lot of kids and she's married to David Beckham.

But the smile-averse fashionista is also a rather talented designer -- we'll give her that. All the stars wear pieces from her eponymous collection. Now, you too can learn to perfect your Posh impression by bookmarking her website.

Beckham, 38, will launch the site to sell her wares. Well, her wears. Not only can you shell out hundreds on dresses meant for stick figures who eat Tic Tacs and drink Diet Coke and nothing more, the interactive site will let her fans have a peek at her creative process via videos and blogs.

In the 17-second teaser, she asks in a vocieover, "What do people expect from me?" She answers that philosophical rumination, saying, "Uh, the best."

Love yourself a little bit more next time, Vic. That said, the site will probably at least be worth a few visits per month. Mrs. Becks has forged a legit career as a designer. She designs as well as she pouts, so at least we know she can multi-task.

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