Victoria Beckham may be beautiful and glamorous, but her scrawny frame has made more than one person call her a "bag of bones."

These days, though, the fashionista is so exhausted that she's now referring to herself as "an old bag" -- and she's posted a wry photo to prove it.

Beckham's been burning the candle at both ends as she readies a runway show for her eponymous clothing line at NYC's Lincoln Center, and on Friday she showed the fallout to her 4.5 million Twitter followers.

"After three hours sleep I feel like an old bag!" she wrote, and included a photo of herself sitting at a laptop with a giant bag over her head as evidence of such.

It was a rare moment of levity for a star who's known for wearing a perpetually dour expression, despite her immense wealth and marriage to David Beckham (one of the hottest men in this universe or any other).

Maybe she'd be a bit more cheerful if she'd, you know, EAT A COOKIE or something.

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