Directioners (the super secret code name for One Direction fans) are in an uproar over a tabloid story that alleged British television host Yvette Fielding received sext messages from a then 16-year-old Harry Styles.

As expected, the girls have harnessed all the fury adolescence allows, but Fielding -- a Styles family friend -- vehemently denies it ever happened. And in what had to be the most awkward call in history, she even called Harry's mom to explain herself.

According to Woman magazine, the 44-year-old Fielding told one of its reporters that Harry sent her “disgusting texts” three years ago when her family was having dinner with the Styles. But she says the magazine is flat-out lying.

Fielding called Harry's mom, Anne, in tears when the story hit. According to Anne's boyfriend, they were on the phone “for ages” trying to clear the gossip filled air. “It is total rubbish," he said. "Yvette is very upset about it all.”

According to Fielding herself, whose own son is close with Harry, “This story is a load of bulls---, he never did it and I never said it.”

Of course, One Direction fans don't care about truth -- they're just all ZOMG SOMEONE SAID SOMEONE ELSE SAID SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY I DON'T LIKE. In turn, they've called Fielding “bitter and vile,” a “psycho” and a “tramp." ('Psycho and the Tramp' should totally be Disney's next movie, by the way.)

Meanwhile, Yvette is considering legal action against Woman, the magazine that started this whole debacle in the first place -- but it stands by the "accuracy of the quotes" it used in its article.

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