The internet has the potential to be an amazing -- or a terrifying -- place. In the case of John Eastman, it's super creepy.

Eastman, a Connecticut resident, was arrested Wednesday for impersonating One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles online to attract underage girls -- and once they were in his greasy snare, he promised them concert tickets in exchange for posing nude or performing live sex acts via web cam.

The Waterbury Republican-American says Eastman used the handle Harry.Styles888 on Skype and used photos of Harry to convince the young women he was the singer. (Really, girls? Oy.)

Authorities seized his computer and discovered photos and video, some of which featured girls believed to be as young as 5 years old. He was charged with a litany of offenses, including employing a minor in an obscene performance.

Unfortunately, pervs like this aren't that rare. Last year a man pulled the exact same stunt while posing as Justin Bieber.

Pro tip: Hazza kicked the lovely (but whiny) Taylor Swift to the curb. He's rich and famous. He doesn't need to troll Skype looking for chicks who'll get naked for him.

And to the rest of the sick potential predators out there? You're on notice.

Chris Hansen

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