Harry Styles

Taylor Speaks. Sort Of.
Taylor Swift covered Vanity Fair's April 2013 issue, and apparently she's mad as hell -- at women she thinks are catty, at Harry Styles, at the media and at anyone else who's ever said anything about her personal life.
Interestingly, though, she won't talk about her romantic faili…
J-Law Crush
Get in line, fellas.
Harry Styles and Russell Brand both reportedly have the hots for Jennifer Lawrence. You know, like the rest of the world.
Shoe In
One Direction member Harry Styles obviously angered someone at their concert in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday (Feb. 26) when not one but two shoes were thrown at the singer, hitting him in the crotch.
Who throws a shoe? Honestly? (Sorry if references to 'Austin Powers' are no longer de rigue…
'She Knows What She's Doing'
While Taylor Swift often refuses to outright talk about her personal life, she has no problem making a spectacle out of it and then complaining when people gossip about it. Case in point: Her opening performance of the 2013 Grammys, in which she used a British accent to mock her ex, One Direction si…
Stripped Down
One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles celebrated his 19th year gracing this earth with his dimples on Feb. 1, and instead of pining over ex Taylor Swift, he got a happy birthday wish from a stripper who apparently thought she was Michelangelo from 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.'
Taylor, He Gets the Message
Hell hath no fury like a country crossover scorned.
Taylor Swift took every imaginable precaution to avoid Harry Styles of One Direction at the 2013 NRJ Music Awards in Cannes, France last night (Jan. 26) ... but that doesn't mean she didn't send him another message to his face.
Haylor Haters
One Direction's ticket sales shot up after Harry Styles and Taylor Swift split, but now that there's talk of a reunion in the works, the same fickle, delusional Directioners are scalping their seats.
Sorry, Internet
One Direction member Harry Styles and 'Harry Potter' alum Emma Watson. It's match made in PR heaven -- or a match made in Taylor Swift hell, depending on who you're talking to.
Bottoms Up
Taylor Swift seems to be taking a cue from her pal Selena Gomez and getting tipsy -- except when she drinks, it makes her feel pain instead of making the pain go away.
Put Out or Get Out
Harry Styles was rumored to be heartbroken over his split with Taylor Swift, but it turns out he may have just had a whole lot of sexual frustration.
After dating Swift for roughly three months -- her average relationship shelf-life -- Styles reportedly got pretty upset that she still wouldn't p…
The Heartbreak Kid
After breaking up with Harry Styles right on schedule, Taylor Swift is already recording a song about it. We're sure his One Direction bandmates are thrilled.
Take That, Taylor
Continuing to stoke the fires of a feud that doesn't really exist (but soon could) between her and Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus posted some pictures of herself in bed cuddling with a cardboard likeness of newly-single singer Harry Styles -- and then got all pissy when people thought she actually had a …
Hot Tubs, Harry + Hermione
So you know how Taylor Swift was all weepy and sad when she left Harry Styles all alone in the British Virgin Isles after their traumatic, earth-shattering breakup? After dating all of like, three months?
Yeah. He didn't look too upset about it. Especially not when he was partying in a hot tub w…
Right on Schedule
Right on schedule, Taylor Swift has lost the first of the 17 boyfriends she's sure to have this year -- reports are coming in that she and One Direction member Harry Styles have suddenly parted ways.
Hope you took the under in your office betting pool.
Maybe-Virgin Islands
Taylor Swift believes in fairy tales because she's pretty much living one. To the chagrin of delusional Directioners everywhere, Harry Styles professed his love for Swift on New Year's Eve -- then jetted off with her to a tropical island.
If she ever complains about anything, read those two sentences…
How to Enrage a Haylor Hater
Because Taylor Swift's actual existence is roughly as charmed and magical as Kim Jong-Il's fictional one, she locked lips with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles when the ball dropped at midnight on Jan. 1.

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