Charlie Sheen

So That's Why She's Famous
Lindsay Lohan clearly doesn't take her trouble with the law seriously, or else she'd stay out of it. But on the bright side, it may well make for awesome TV.
The starlet, more famous for going to (or missing) court dates than for most of her work on camera, had no issues making fun of herse…
Action + Reaction
The battle between Charlie Sheen and his daughter's former school continues, with Sheen once again sounding off on Twitter in response to what he says is bullying in response to anti-bullying -- with the victims this time being his kids and ex-wife.
Charlie Sheen
It's only been two days since Charlie Sheen urged his legion of Twitter followers to throw dog poo at his 9-year-old daughter's school. Since then, it's been revealed that she hasn't even attended the school since May of last year.
But Sheen's tiger blood is still boili…
We’d Party With Charlie Sheen
Porn stars. Blow. Kittens. A party with Charlie Sheen would have everything. Including a messy hangover the next day, a possible arrest, and a wicked story to tell your friends that they'd probably never believe.
Think 'The Hangover,' but with less Bradley Cooper.
Sounds Reasonable
Charlie Sheen's inner warlock once again emerged when his 9-year-old daughter Sam became the target of bullying. So he did what any parent would do and called upon his over 9 million Twitter followers to get their finest rotten eggs, toilet paper and dog crap and vandalize his little girl'…
Moment of Silence
While Lindsay Lohan has shown in the past she has no qualms about using Charlie Sheen for a payday when she needs quick cash, apparently she doesn't like it he teams up with the paparazzi to talk about her.
Tiger Blood Transfusion
Charlie Sheen is a Hollywood antihero, but he wants to be an actual hero for Lindsay Lohan, who he considers a friend -- a friend without any benefits at all.
Tweets of the Week
In our Celebrity Tweets of the Week, Charlie Sheen showed us why he wasn't at the Oscars, Russell Crowe may have celebrated a bit too much after the show, Kevin Smith laid to rest rumors of ‘Clerks III’ casting, Rob Lowe weighed in on Dennis Rodman’s visit …
Despite no longer being married, Denise Richards still likes to nag Charlie Sheen on Twitter as if they were. And exchanges like this make it clear he should've never let her go.
St. Charlie
Charlie Sheen continues to use his money for the powers of good, racking up karmic bonus points and making it that much harder to judge him when he's an asshat.
In addition to helping clothe Lindsay Lohan, paying for funerals and assisting young cancer patients, Sheen has now donated $10,000 to …
Today in Lindsay Lohan
In case you were wondering where the beyond-broke Lindsay Lohan got the funds for her beaded nude, silver and gold Theia gown that she donned for the amfAR Gala in New York City, look no further than Charlie Sheen.
Charlie Responds to Christopher Dorner
Former LAPD officer and suspected murderer of five Christopher Dorner is still at large, but the celebrities he idolized in his manifesto are doing their best to bring him to justice.
Charlie Sheen is the latest to record a message for Dorner begging him to end his spree and turn himself in to author…
Expert Assessment
Charlie Sheen appeared on the 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' Wednesday night (Jan. 30) to promote his show 'Anger Management' -- and to rant about the one time he met performance enhancing drug-using cyclist Lance Armstrong.
The King of Hollywood
Charlie Sheen is apparently the King of Hollywood, so much so that he gives Lindsay Lohan much-needed cash, is offered lap dances from Lady Gaga, and knows from first-hand experience which celebrities can really get their party on.
Grandpa Charlie
If you thought the Kimye Babye was going to cause some waves in the gene pool, just wait until you hear the news Denise Richards - friend and former wife of Charlie Sheen's - tweeted to the world.
Charlie Sheen + Ashton Kutcher
In 2011, when Charlie Sheen had his very public meltdown, his best efforts were spent getting himself fired from his lead role on the show ‘Two and a Half Men.’ After his warlockian self was sent back to Mars, Ashton Kutcher, the former star of 'That 70s Show,' replac…
To the Rescue
Dammit, Charlie Sheen. Just when we decide you're a bigoted tool and get comfortable making fun of your thing for porn stars again, you go off and do something (else) nice.

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