Despite no longer being married, Denise Richards still likes to nag Charlie Sheen on Twitter as if they were. And exchanges like this make it clear he should've never let her go.

We already know they have an admirably civil relationship -- Richards took care of children of Sheen's that aren't even hers while his most recent ex-wife, Brooke Mueller, was in rehab.

And on Sunday night, as Denise was cleaning out her garage to make a playroom for her own kids (including the two she had with Charlie) and simultaneously watching the Oscars, she tweeted that news anchor Robin Roberts looked ravishing.

At which point Sheen retweeted her and called her a suck up, and Richards demanded he come help her.

What follows is Richards jokingly asking for help, Sheen tweeting photos of himself doing things and using them as an excuse for not being able to be of service, and Denise playfully nagging him about his early call-time on the 'Anger Management' set the next morning.

Their adorable back and forth was interrupted by a fan who seemed to question their decision to have this sort of conversation in a public setting. A comment that Richards took in stride.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get served by Denise Richards.

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