Charlie Sheen

Charlie's New Angel
Charlie Sheen did as the celebrities do and spent his holiday time in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with his new porn star girlfriend Georgia Jones (that's her above in a rare clothed shot), and they made sure everyone knew they were an item. Or at least that they swap spit on a regular basis.
Sorry, Charlie
Charlie Sheen is probably more famous for running his mouth than he is for 'Platoon,' and he drove that point home further on Friday night (Dec. 28). At the grand opening of the Epic Bar in Cabo San Lucas, the 'Anger Management' star let a homophobic slur rip -- then blamed it on a lisp. We see what he did there.
Tit for Tat
Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have teamed up yet again, only this time it's not to have an incredibly awkward sex scene no one wants to see. These days, Sheen is helping Lohan pay off her taxes.
Temper, Temper
Because life always imitates art, Charlie Sheen, star of FX’s ‘Anger Management,’ might be experiencing some anger management difficulties of his own. Again.
Charlie Sheen + Lindsay Lohan Make One Terrifying Hookup
They've made so many sequels to the spoof-tastic ‘Scary Movie’ that they’re having a hard time coming up with scary situations to put in the upcoming ‘Scary Movie 5’ -- so clearly, what the writers did was sit in a dark room and try to imagine the most frightening set of circumstances known to man. The result? Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan making the beast with two backs.