For director Robert Rodriguez's newest film (that, as with all his movies, will either be hated or become a beloved cult classic) 'Machete Kills,' he took Sofia Vergara's impressive rack and made it into a metaphor for sexuality as a weapon.

By covering up her real breasts in sheets of metal and illogically turning them into machine guns.

And you thought Katy Perry's whipped cream bra made no sense.

The film, the follow-up to 'Machete' and inspired by Robert's joke movie trailer, follows Danny Trejo's title character, who's been recruited by the President of the United States (played by Charlie Sheen) to stop a dangerous arms dealer.

Sadly, when it comes to the movie poster, we've kind of seen it before. Vergara's lethal weapon boobs only bring to mind that bra that got Lady Gaga (who's also in this film) in so much trouble, not to mention Rose McGowan's machine gun leg in Robert's 'Grindhouse' double-feature 'Planet Terror.'

Maybe we missed the memos that all of his purposefully-made B-movies must include hot chicks with machine gun appendages and/or things doubling as guns that shouldn't be guns -- like the guitar guns in 'Once Upon a Time in Mexico' and the schlong firearm in 'Dusk Till Dawn.'

Coming in 2015: Robert Rodriguez's feature 'Sexy Nazi Werewolves from Mars,' featuring Buster Hymen and his deadly semen bullets.

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