When we last saw good-natured 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara on Ellen DeGeneres' show, she played along as she was the literal butt of a joke that spoofed her infamous wardrobe malfunction.

This time around, Vergara was tasked with making it all the way through a scripted Diet Pepsi commercial while Ellen did everything in her power to make her friend lose focus -- including breaking bottles over her head, screaming at her, inviting Josh Groban to sing loudly in her face, and spraying her with Silly String.

We much prefer this new trend of hosts torturing their guests. It's infinitely better than sitting on a couch and talking.

To her credit, Vergara barely missed a beat before finally taking off one of her stilettos and chasing her fellow Cover Girl spokeswoman around the studio. Which is how we like to imagine all models fight.

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