Lady Gaga is a controversial celebrity who sometimes whips up controversy on purpose (e.g., wearing a meat dress) and sometimes literally falls backasswards into it (see her recent wardrobe malfunction).

What we have here is the former: Gaga gave new meaning to term "gun rack" when she took the stage in Vancouver last weekend wearing a bra adorned with plastic rifles.

Hey, at least nothing was shooting out of them. Like confetti. Or whipped cream.

Regardless, she's angered many who say wearing the top was insensitive since it's barely been a month since those tragic shootings in Newton, Connecticut.

But lest you think she's purposefully poking sticks in that cage, there is something to keep in mind: Gaga wore the gun bra in the video for her 2009 hit song 'Alejandro,' and simply wore the same thing while performing the song on stage.

Still, given recent events, maybe she should've left it in her costume trunk and worn something else.

This whole tasteless matter has of course pissed off Sharon Osbourne, with whom Gaga is already feuding after publicly sparring with Sharon's daughter Kelly.

As Sharon complained on 'The Talk' of Mother Monster's onstage antics, "Everything is guns, guns, guns. This is not right, and she should be stopped ... All I'm asking her to do is to stay true to her [Born This Way] foundation, which she said [she created because] she wants the world to be a braver, kinder world."

She then vaguely brought up the Newton shootings, saying all it takes is “one person wanting attention” for tragedy to strike, and she called upon Gaga to explain to her fans that violence is not the answer.

Regardless of Gaga's motivations (which probably amounted to "wouldn't it be wild and crazy to wear guns on my bra?"), her constant antics and outrageous fashion choices may be wearing thin with the general public.

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