Sofia Vergara

10 Celeb Couples We (Almost) Forgot Dated
Love may be a many splendored thing, but when it comes to former celebrity couples, it may also be a little-known thing. Maybe it's because the relationship didn't last long, maybe it's because the hookup happened before they were famous, or maybe it's just because they never talk about it -- but regardless, here are some past pairings that might surprise you.
10 Things to Love
We love Sofia Vergara. Yeah, she's gorgeous. But even beyond that, every time we've seen her, she’s funny, endearing, modest without being fake, down-to-earth and just generally someone we’d love to spend a spa day with. Preferably with her paying at the end...
Sofia's New Look
Television bombshell Sofia Vergara is known as a brunette, but she's actually a natural blonde. And now she's back to her roots -- at least for the warmer months ahead.
MILF Supreme
How do you like your eggs? Scrambled? Over easy? No? Okay, how about frozen? Seems that's how Sofia Vergara likes hers, because she's the latest celebrity to announce she wants to ensure her oven is ready for bun-making -- whenever she decides to knead the dough. So to speak.
Whatta Rack
For director Robert Rodriguez's newest film (that, as with all his movies, will either be hated or become a beloved cult classic) 'Machete Kills,' he took Sofia Vergara's impressive rack and made it into a metaphor for sexuality as a weapon. By covering up her real breasts in sheets of metal and illogically turning them into machine guns. And you thought Katy Perry's whipped cream bra made no sen
Sofia + Ellen
When we last saw good-natured 'Modern Family' star Sofia Vergara on Ellen DeGeneres' show, she played along as she was the literal butt of a joke that spoofed her infamous wardrobe malfunction. This time around, Vergara was tasked with making it all the way through a scripted Diet Pepsi commercial while Ellen did everything in her power to make her friend lose focus -- including breaking bottles o
No Love for Loeb
Sofia Vergara's ample assets and endearing accent may be the on the market. Rumor has it she and fiancee Nick Loeb are done. Maybe she realized that she can get any dude on the planet instead of settling for one who seems to cause problems whenever they're out in public.
Scrappy New Year
While the rest of us were toasting a happy new year, Sofia Vergara and her politician fiancé, Nick Loeb, were getting started on a scrappy new year by engaging in some kind of bar brawl in Miami. We don’t like to tell people how to be (okay, that's kind of a lie), but it’s possible there were some unfortunate geographical choices made that brought the whole thing on.
Mirror Images
Halloween is a fun day for a lot of shows, but with the weather situation this year, a lot of programs canceled their annual celebrations. But on Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres did us a huge favor and gave us something awesome to laugh at. She dolled herself up as fellow Cover Girl spokesmodel Sofia Vergara.
It's Personal
A few weeks ago, we were treated to a delightful view of the lovely south end of a northbound Sofia Vergara when the actress had a wardrobe malfunction at the Emmys and shared a photo with the world. And the world saw that it was good. So why, now, are Vergara’s lawyers trying to make sure “personal” pics, allegedly stolen from her fiancé’s phone, never see the light of day?