Judge Jim Dabney isn't the only person who wants Lindsay Lohan to drop Mark Heller.

Her proud papa, Michael Lohan -- a lukewarm mess to her mom Dina's hot -- not only urged Lilo to get a new attorney (and even found one for her), but also claims to know what tricks Heller has up his sleeve. And as he's wont to do, Michael Lohan is running his mouth about it.

"I heard that Mark Heller has decided that he is going to finally get a California lawyer to help him and he’s going to tell the judge this at the last minute and that will cause another delay and then Lindsay won’t have to appear,” Michael told Radar Online.

“Heller is just looking for a delay and I’m not going to get involved in this mess.”

Michael may be releasing this latest press statement as a means of distancing himself from reports he's sending in attorney David Wohl in an effort to save Lindsay from jail.

In any case, for someone not getting involved, Michael sure knows a lot about Heller's plans: “Heller didn’t call any witnesses or take any depositions; the deal is getting worse the more he waits!”

"All she needed was to go into treatment," he lamented of La Lohan. "If she went into treatment she would have her freedom and her life back. Which obviously Heller is not concerned with," Michael added in a screaming case of pot calling the kettle a fame whore. "He just wants his name out there!”

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