Lindsay Lohan has been stuck with attorney Mark Heller, whom her own judge in her lying-to-cops case deemed incompetent. While she refuses to drop him, she does have an offer from yet another lawyer to help her and Heller out.

They sure could use it.

TMZ reports that California attorney David Wohl, commissioned by Lohan's dad Michael, wants to join Heller should the 'Liz & Dick' starlet's case go to trial on March 18.

Heller and Wohl have been in constant contact since Michael Lohan asked him to help out, and with good reason: Judge Jim Dabney told Heller that on her trial date, Lilo either needs a lawyer who’s actually versed in criminal trials and California law or she'd have to waive all rights to argue that she was misrepresented later on.

Heller is apparently all for having Wohl on the team ... but Lohan hasn't officially approved of him yet. Regardless, Michael has given Wohl instructions to show up on his daughter's trial date anyway.

Lohan faces jail time and rehab if she pleads guilty, neither of which she thinks she needs nor wants -- 60 and 45 days of each, respectively. However, because of overcrowding, Lohan would likely spend only a whopping 11 days behind bars.

And she refuses to take the deal.

“Someone with her criminal history is lucky to be offered such a great deal, but she just doesn’t seem to understand that," a source said. "Barring any last shred of common sense on Lindsay’s part, this case is going to trial.”

Perhaps a more competent set of legal lips may be more able to convince Lohan to take the plea bargain -- or face 245 days in jail for violating her probation.

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