Remember Max George from the Wanted -- you know, that other British boy band who aren't One Direction? That handsome, shaved head fella that Lindsay Lohan had her eyes on the night she got arrested?

He only has kind words for her, despite ditching her midway through their debauched night together.

TMZ cameras caught up with George at LAX, where he offered, "She's fine! She's out of trouble. She's a good girl."

LiLo may feel fine (gin is really good at making the pain go away), but she's not out of trouble. The psychic that she popped in the face is lining up with professional harpy Gloria Allred, and they were spotted strolling into the New York City D.A.'s office together today (Dec. 4).

What's more, witnesses from the fateful night have come forward and spilled to Radar Online that La Lohan wasn't just drinking -- she's also rumored to have been doing some of the kind of coke you don't sip.

Here's hoping ole' Max is right, because Linds literally can't afford any more drama right now.