Just hours after Lindsay Lohan was arrested for decking some chick in a New York bar, prosecutors in California made good on their threats to charge her in connection with a car accident she had this summer.

As if that weren't bad enough, insiders at the NYC nightclub where Thursday morning's altercation occurred are now blabbing that the source of LiLo's rage was unrequited affection from a member of the boy band the Wanted.

We're not sure she'll ever be able to show her face again after that.

TMZ reports that Lohan will face three separate charges related to her June car wreck: lying to the cops by saying she wasn't driving when she was, obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty, and reckless driving.

Combined, the charges are punishable by up to one year and nine months in the clink.

She'll probably be arraigned in L.A. next week, where it's largely expected that the judge will revoke her probation (the one she's currently on after that foiled jewelry heist). That alone could send her back to jail, never mind the new charges stemming from the bar smackdown.

And speaking of such -- all sorts of witnesses at the NYC bar on Wednesday night are saying that LiLo's crush on Max George from the boy band the Wanted is what sparked the fight that got her arrested.

As we've already mentioned, Linds went to a Justin Bieber concert before she hit the bar (and another patron), but it seems the Biebs wasn't the true object of her affection. The Wanted were the opening act, and that's who she was really there to see.

She tried to get backstage after the show but was rebuffed by security, so she met up with the guys in the group at a hotel bar. Later on, she and three of them -- Max included -- went to that NYC club where things later got nasty. And not in the good way.

She reportedly got sloppy drunk, and Max was increasingly turned off by her inebriated state. He then began talking to another chick, and that's the one LiLo eventually clocked upside the head.

And in an ending worthy of a rom-com, Max wound up ditching BOTH of them and went home with some other unnamed third lady.

Lindsay, the arrests are one thing. We're used to those. Even the bar fight wasn't totally out of character. But going to Bieber shows and lusting after dudes in boy bands?

Girl, we expected more of you.