Lindsay Lohan only had to do one thing: check into rehab. That was it. But as usual, even that didn't go as planned, so her never-ending saga has a whole new chapter.

Earlier this week, LiLo reportedly balked at going to the court-approved New York rehab prosecutors signed off on -- because the Westhampton Beach facility doesn't allow smoking. And while Linds is apparently fine with giving up booze (and other feel-good substances) for three months, she wasn't willing to part with her cigarettes.

Instead, she decided on a facility in Newport Beach, Calif. called Morningside Recovery, and she hopped a cross-country flight last night (May 1) to ensure she didn't miss today's rehab check-in deadline.

But court-ordered rehab doesn't really work that way -- you can't just change your mind once the deal is sealed. And of course her sometimes incompetent lawyer Mark Heller didn't bother giving prosecutors a heads-up about where LiLo was or what was going on.

As a result, an angry prosecutor said he had to learn of the change through the media, and after researching Morningside, he found lots of problems.

For example, California suspended the rehab's license last year for "being careless with prescription drugs." On top of that, nine families reportedly sued Morningside for "failing to deliver treatment," with a state official calling the facility "a substantial threat" to the public.

Regardless, Judge Jim Dabney doesn't seem terribly concerned about the change in plans -- but to be fair, he gave prosecutors a week from tomorrow to investigate further. What they may find is that the treatment facility can't really provide any treatment at all.

Meanwhile, Lindsay's father is blustering that where she really wants to be is at some facility in Florida, and that he'll move heaven and earth (and paid tabloid access) to make it happen.

Either way, maybe La Lohan and her 270 outfits shouldn't get too comfortable.

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