Despite posing for photos with Lindsay Lohan and inviting her to meet his family, Max George of the Wanted is pretty much -- publicly, anyway -- completely opposed to dating her.

Fair enough, considering that between the two of them the best catch is probably something that can be treated with antibiotics.

After Lohan posted a photo of herself and George in a London hotel room on Twitter, fans of the British boy band went nuts on the microblogging site, asking why the singer apparently downgraded from British actress Michelle Keegan to the troubled LiLo and basically saying they'd die if he really was dating 'The Canyons' starlet.

Luckily, though, George firmly and quickly denied a relationship with La Lohan, which we bet felt great for her.

To be fair, George has been pretty up front since day one that he doesn't really take Lohan seriously. He initially denied inviting her on their tour bus, called her a groupie and said all she "brings to the table" is vodka. He also admitted that he and his bandmates aren't good influences on her. Sounds healthy.

The sting of George's public rejection was only compounded when Lohan's latest much-ballyhooed professional project, 'The Canyons,' was turned down by both the Sundance and SXSW film festivals. The Hollywood Reporter quotes a SXSW insider who said the film "suffers from significant 'quality issues'" and has "an ugliness and a deadness to it." Um, ow.

And on the legal front, we already told you Lindsay's longtime attorney Shawn Holley finally bailed, but her new attorney, disgraced New York lawyer Mark Heller, may or may not be able to get the permission required to rep her in California. So he's apparently engaging in some rather shady shenanigans to make it happen. Meaning Lindsay's days as a free woman may be seriously numbered.

Wonder if she's reconsidering that "la bella vita" tattoo yet.