Lindsay Lohan reportedly swore up and down that she's going to stay home for New Year's Eve to start 2013 off right (and sober).

But that won't stop her from partying it up with boy band the Wanted ahead of the ball dropping. Nothing will. Nothing. Not even the Atlantic Ocean.

Despite being broke as a bad joke, Lohan apparently scraped together enough change from selling her used clothes to hop on a plane to London in hopes of seeing her f-buddy Max George.

"She likes him and he likes her, but nothing has come of it," a source told E! Online.

He likes her? He sure has a weird, rude, Pickup Artist-style way of showing it, because he doesn't even seem like he's that nice to her. (Then again, look at the example her parents set.) Still, that didn't stop Lilo from showing up to the Dorchester Hotel in London in a full-length fur coat, because who cares about self-respect or dead animals.

Regardless, La Lohan may actually be back in time to see the ball drop in the states. The Wanted are slated to perform at New Year's Rockin' Eve tonight, so she might not be completely full of it. Just, you know, mostly full of it.