Lindsay Lohan must not mind being a down low chick or playing groupie, because the occasional actress joined boy band the Wanted on their tour bus to go to Boston.

Despite denials from Max George and the rest of the group, LiLo has been enjoying the falsetto singer's company.

TMZ reports that La Lohan was George's own guest on the band's tour bus, joining them for their Boston gig on Thursday (Dec. 6). Additionally, George is finally owning up to the fact that he invited her to their show in Philadelphia at the Q102 Jingle Ball concert. How chivalrous!

Still, Lohan shouldn't expect rose petals or poetry anytime soon. Though the singer called Lohan a "good girl," George insists that he isn't looking for a girlfriend following his split from ex fiancee Michelle Keegan ... but he "doesn't mind having Lohan around." Read: He thinks she's a great f-buddy, but not girlfriend material. Happy to clear that up!