What can you expect from Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in 'Scary Movie 5?'

Lots of reminders of why Sheen and Lohan are train wrecks (one of which pissed Lohan off royally), but also a few glimmering reminders of why we like them anyway. (Sort of.)

The clip, which only contains a bit that you haven't seen already, features Lohan and Sheen in bed, but not much happens between the sheets once they get there. Much like her stint on 'Anger Management,' Lilo pokes fun at her legal problems, while Sheen relishes in his porn star proclivities.

And no, they don't kiss on the mouth.

Sheen is full of literal winks and nods. And when Lohan can move her face, she's pretty self-aware and charming. Here's hoping she didn't mess the studio's toilets up too much to be invited for the inevitable 'Scary Movie 6.'

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