Add digestion troubles to the list of Lindsay Lohan's sins.

Seems that in addition to her money and legal woes, the actress also allegedly shut down the set of 'Scary Movie 5' for a day and a half -- by clogging up the toilet in her trailer.

A source said that wouldn't be such a big deal except “the toilets in the other trailers ran on the same connected system, [so they] stopped working, too. No one could go to the bathroom.”

Production was halted for the next couple days while the problem was dealt with, a situation which did not win Lindsay "any new fans among her co-stars or the crew" since it screwed up the filming schedule.

"She [also] trashed her trailer and left the shower running, which flooded the place," another insider said. "She made a real mess."

All that is on top of the trouble they had even getting her to the shoot in the first place (something they may regret doing now). Plus there was the matter of that situation with her on-set wardrobe, much of which she supposedly took with her without permission.

She's probably glad she went through with the cameo, though, since that's where she met and bonded with Charlie Sheen -- who later gave her a six-figure check to help dig her out of financial trouble.

And maybe buy a toilet plunger or two.