Beacon of truth and fine upstanding citizen Lindsay Lohan is mad as Hell at the producers of 'Scary Movie 5' because she said they lied to her.

TMZ reports that La Lohan says the producers of the horror spoof series duped her. A working script from the film featured Lohan shrieking in fear -- and in the working script her terror was from watching one of her earliest box office bombs, 'Herbie: Fully Loaded.'

However, in the trailer (you can watch it above, language may be NSFW), she's shown screaming in horror at fake news coverage of her probation revocation.

Maybe she was pissed that they didn't use actual news coverage?

Nope. Apparently she never OK'ed the switch, and Dimension Films reportedly agreed to run everything by her before the flick's release.

Lohan thinks the clip was revenge for her allegedly trashing her trailer with sewage. (Does that mean we can get revenge for our theaters being trashed with this cinematic sewage?)

Considering Lohan's role looks to be little more than a cameo with Charlie Sheen, she's not worth the trouble. And also considering that Ashley Tisdale (wait, who?) is the marquee name, neither is seeing this movie.