Lindsay Lohan will sadly not be amusing us via a one-on-one interview with ABC's Barbara Walters as planned, because for some reason all the network wants to talk about is how much of a trainwreck LiLo is.


According to a source, Lohan was pulled out of the '20/20' interview by her brand new PR team -- the old one jumped ship before it sank completely -- who didn't like the direction in which ABC wanted to take the interview.

The sit-down was initially supposed to promote the Lifetime movie 'Liz & Dick,' which chronicles Elizabeth Taylor's relationship with second husband Richard Burton. Instead, ABC wanted to discuss things of a more scandalous nature.

Not that there's anything else to talk about besides the movie.

Surely there are no car accidents, misdemeanors, staff disruptions or possible probation violations to draw focus from discussions about a made-for-TV movie airing on the Lifetime channel?

Of course not.

'Liz & Dick' is set to air on Nov. 25 and will surely bring you back to a simpler time ... when Lindsay Lohan was actually an actress.

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