Lindsay Lohan has lost her long-suffering publicist Steve Honig, who is probably relieved as hell to be rid of the most difficult job in the world: trying to make Lindsay Lohan look good.

But surprisingly, the reason he supposedly quit wasn't the continuing antics of LiLo, but rather because of her famewhoring father Michael, who rubbed Steve the wrong way with that surprise intervention last week.

Things have been rocky for a while between Honig and Daddy Lohan, but that stunt proved too much -- so Steve released a statement saying that despite Michael's claims to the contrary, Lindsay's management was not involved in the intervention fiasco.

In response, Michael did exactly what you'd expect him to do -- he texted Honig and called him a liar using some NSFW language. And that's when Steve's admirable patience reportedly ran out.

That said, while a source blames Michael for Honig's departure, Honig himself denied it, adding, "Michael wishes he were that important." Ooh, snap.

It was a messy two-year run for Honig, who suffered through Lindsay's car accidents, theft, court dates, arrests, hospitalization, drug use and everything in between (including some recent money hoarding). He did the best he could, but how much damage control can one person do with a client who's so ... well, damaged?

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but we're betting Steve Honig is one guy who'd beg to differ.

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