Is Barbara Walters gonna hafta cuttabitch? In her genteel way, maybe. Let's just hope there are pictures.

The journalist discussed perpetual mess Lindsay Lohan with her 'The View' co-hosts, mentioning that Lohan backed out of a '20/20' interview only to agree to a Q&A with Jay Leno instead -- and Walters is none too pleased about it.

According to Barbara, LiLo's handlers canceled her interview and claimed she simply wasn't "up to it." But shortly thereafter, Walters learned Lohan's new PR team (you'll recall her old PR dude recently quit) pulled a switcheroo and booked her on Jay Leno instead.

At this point, Walters, who's known Lindsay for years, had already made a summer trip to the set of 'Liz & Dick' to interview the actress in full-out Elizabeth Taylor garb -- those clips were set to air during the Nov. 16 '20/20' interview, but Walters showed one during her low-key diatribe.

In it, Lohan discussed the June incident in which she took a nap, no one could wake her up, and paramedics were summoned. "Imagine how I felt," she said.

Was it anything like someone who wakes up from a nap surrounded by paramedics? That's our best guess.

In between Elizabeth Hasselbeck's annoying nattering, Whoopi Goldberg (aka The Voice of Reason) explained that the interview cancellation was probably because Walters' interviewing style is "very different” than Leno's, and he most likely would make for an easier and less stressful interview for the fragile and brain-damaged Lohan. We're paraphrasing.

Barbara agreed with Goldberg, but said she would've been less upset if everyone had just been honest with her.

“If they said to me, 'You know Barbara, she isn't up to the kinds of questions you might ask' ... I wouldn't feel quite as disappointed as I do today," she added.

The seasoned journalist went on to explain that most of the questions she had planned focused on comparing Lindsay's life to Elizabeth Taylor's, and the interview would've allowed Lohan to “set the record straight” about a lot of things.

In the end, Walters wished Lohan and Leno all the best and said she hoped to interview Lindsay in the future. Preferably when she's an even bigger train wreck.

Again, paraphrasing.

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