Maybe Lindsay Lohan wasn't in a drunken stupor after all.

After the brawl LiLo had with her mom Dina Lohan the other night that required a visit from her besties over at 911, the truth about mama Lohan's financial woes -- which may have triggered the brouhaha -- is finally coming to light.

Lindsay called her dad during the altercation, and screamed that she'd given Dina $40,000 so her mother could keep her house. And while LiLo doesn't always have the best track record with the truth, turns out that this time, she was right.

TMZ obtained court documents showing that JP Morgan Chase Bank filed papers back in 2010 to foreclose on Dina's Long Island home after she fell behind on her mortgage payments. When that happened, Dina managed to get the bank to agree to a new payment plan so she wouldn't have to endure the embarrassment of putting her home on the auction block.

Of course Dina -- whose sole source of income seems to be leeching off her now-infamous daughter -- didn't have the money to cover things, and that's when she turned to Lindsay for help. But after shelling out some 40 large, Linds has yet to see a penny in return.

Geez. You'd think Dina would just earn her money the old-fashioned way -- by selling Lindsay out to the tabloids like her ex-husband does.