Just when you thought LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville were at least pretending to bury the hatchet in their never-ending feud, Rimes disavows the drama in an interview -- and then immediately adds to it.

"The thing is, [my husband] Eddie and I are very proud of the home and family that we have. We don't like drama, and we don't want to be part of it," Rimes said in a recent sit-down with Us Weekly. "We can't control the people around us, but we can control we handle drama, and we've made a very peaceful life for ourselves and I'm very happy with that."

"I did say, 'I do music, not drama.' I don't need drama to have a career. And so I plan on, as much as possible, to not feed into it," LeAnn continued. "[But] there will be moments I don't hold back from standing up for myself."

Here's where Rimes disregards everything she just said and throws shade at her husband's ex, albeit without using her name directly: "I hope that things like someone tweeting about not being able to get ahold of their kids will subside at some point and not be used as drama."

Rimes then went on to postulate that the only reason she has trouble "communicating" with Glanville is because everything in their lives is so public. But between LeAnn having the paparazzi on speed dial, creating TV shows about her life and making self-confessional albums ... well, that's probably to be expected.

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