Champion catfighters LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville have been mighty quiet lately -- so quiet we thought maybe the dust had settled on their continuing feud.

But apparently not, because LeAnn got on twitter Monday (May 20) and fired yet another shot to her purchased devoted followers.

It began when LeAnn sent out a message describing a conversation she had with husband Eddie Cibrian's sons.


That particular line is from a track called 'Borrowed,' which is not-so-secretly about LeAnn's affair with Eddie. Which would mean his sons are walking around singing songs about how Dad screwed around on Mom. Ew?

Not long after, Brandi sent out this missive to her ex -- apparently forgetting he hasn't tweeted in over a year.


But it turns out the kids were safe in LeAnn's clutches, "doing baths" and whatnot.

Then an onlooker chimed in, calling both of them out for insulting each other over Twitter like 12-year-old girls in a 'Twilight' fan fight.


And was quickly targeted by Brandi, who replied, "f--- u rose f---ing budd, my kids are my life and they are mad loved in both house-holds #suckit"

Then, finally, LeAnn said something her actions in the past few years have proven isn't true at all, but a truce was called regardless.


Imagine how zany this incident would've been if it had been captured by cameras for the upcoming Rimes/Cibrian sitcom. With laugh tracks!

We smell Emmys.

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