Today (July 8) we’re all a bit worn out from our holiday weekend -- and that includes the Twitter celebs. Some of them were tweeting nonsense. Some have officially switched to their summer drinks. And some are just as crazy as they ever were. It’s nice to see that things don’t change.

Either Ted Nugent celebrated freedom too hard this weekend, or he’s got a monkey typing his tweets.

It was a bittersweet day for Neil Patrick Harris, the HIMYM troops and their fans. The end begins now.

For once, a good idea outta Brandi Glanville. People would definitely pay to see that.

Like the rest of us, Ellen has switched to her summer drink.

We can only hope Tyra Banks adds a “haterblocka helment” to a line of FIERCEly resistant clothing someday.

As always, an excellent question from Jim Gaffigan.

Finally, we haven’t supplied you with any Bynesian insanity recently -- mostly because it’s all the same crazy Amanda Bynes, just on different days. But this time, she had totally respectful words for POTUS and FLOTUS. (So much for asking him for help again.)

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