Country star and internet villain LeAnn Rimes has once again come under fire -- this time from observant detractors claiming she's been purchasing Twitter followers.

LeAnn has gained a purported 100,000 followers over the last month alone -- most of those numbers within a two-day span -- leading to suspicions and pointed fingers.

Radar Online is reporting that LeAnn had around 457,000 followers on April 17, but that number rocketed to almost 562,000 by May 14. Socialbakers, a website specializing in social media metrics, says a large follower spike happened on May 2.

A cursory glance of LeAnn's follower list did reveal a smattering of egg avatar accounts -- the calling card of a Twitter robot.



But the question remains: Did LeAnn buy these followers herself (something that's relatively cheap these days), or was she set up by her longtime nemesis, 'Real Housewives' star Brandi Glanville?

Framing someone for purchasing Twitter followers seems a pale retribution for breaking up a marriage, but who knows? Brandi loves nothing more than making LeAnn look bad -- and even though she swore off the haterade last month, just two days ago she threw enough shade to blot out the sun.

We'll continue to follow any leads - even if our Lieutenant makes us turn in our snark badges and go rogue.

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