Finally, LeAnn Rimes is content. Her new record is coming out, her stepchildren call her "mom" and she's happily married. Life is good.

Except ... not really, because she's still harping about how awful things have been.

She sat down with Us Weekly to discuss how the guilt from having an affair and busting up two marriages made her super stressed and led her to seek treatment.

"I went in and took care of myself because I was stressed, I was depressed and anxious, and I didn't know how to process everything," she said, adding that going away was something she "needed to do" because of how hard it was being under a microscope since she was a teen.

So, naturally, her new album 'Spitfire' revisited all that stress in a bid to remind LeAnn Rimes how godawful it is to be LeAnn Rimes. Or something.

"I think I opened up the can of worms for myself by writing this record," she continued. "There were a lot of things I didn't even realize I was feeling ... I needed to go somewhere and really process all of that stuff."

What stuff might that be? An IRS audit? A really tough Sudoku puzzle? The heartbreak of psoriasis? No. It was that time she seduced her now-husband Eddie Cibrian, who was rather inconveniently married to Brandi Glanville at the time.

"I was feeling all these crazy emotions and feeling terrible about myself and was disgusted by myself and thought I was pathetic," she tells the mag.

Curiously enough, this isn't the first time LeAnn has called herself pathetic. But it's all good.

"I'm the strongest I've ever been," she says. "I'm the most honest with myself that I've ever been, I'm the most secure I've ever been about myself and my family, and I'm the most confident I've been in a really long time."

In case you don't remember, LeAnn's new album includes tracks that needlessly detail her secret tryst with Cibrian. She's also said she's kinda nervous he might someday cheat on her. (If that's her version of confidence and security, no wonder she had to go away for a while.)

"I'm gonna make mistakes as I move on in life, but that's who we are, and I'm fortunate that I've grown a lot and I'm proud of who I am now ... it's a good place to be," she concludes.

If you say so, LeAnn. Just remember no one else can get over your past until you do.

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