Kanye West has a checkered history with paparazzi, especially following the birth of the as-yet-unseen North West with Kim Kardashian, who actively courts photogs everywhere she goes.

But West took his hostilities out a little too much this weekend when he actually assaulted a paparazzo -- but in fairness, the guy was a real creep.

Knowing full well that West hates being snapped, the paparazzo taunted him and referred to the 'Yeezus' rapper as "a cool guy." Ye stepped up to the photog, who acted faux contrite and asked, "Why can't we talk to you? Come on, I don't want to fight with you!"

West then grumbled about the pap trying to get him in trouble and something about $250,000 -- likely about a potential settlement from him losing his temper.

Which he did.

West then proceeded to grab the camera, leading to a small tussle, but not a brawl of any sort. Regardless, TMZ reported that the photographer, Dano, already ratted to the boys in blue, who determined he was injured in the assault, which to us looked more like a sissy fight.

And because West tried to grab the creep's camera, the district attorney may charge him with felony attempted robbery instead of battery (the more serious charge is always pursued).

TMZ further reported that Dano has a long, colorful history of harassing celebrities and then cashing in on the results.

Proof? When Britney Spears went cuckoo for Coco Puffs in 2007 and shaved her head? It was Dano's car that she banged up with the infamous umbrella that year, and sources claim that Dano was being extremely aggressive with her leading to the attack.

Dano later auctioned off his dented SUV, as well as Spears' umbrella (which she left at the scene) on eBay for over $30,000. Dano pocketed even more from his video of incident.

Here's hoping West has $250K handy. If not, Dano will probably try to make up for the difference by auctioning off that camera.

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