Kanye West has another problem on his hands besides diapers and photo rights to his daughter's first pictures. The rapper is now dealing with a full-fledged lawsuit from the paparazzo on whom he went berserk last month.

The photographer's name is Daniel Ramos, and he hired Gloria Allred to represent him -- yikes for Yeezy!

Ramos and Allred held a news conference yesterday, in which Ramos claimed that West's attack left him on crutches. The news may inspire prosecutors to charge West with battery.

Allred claimed that West's attack was an affront to Ramos' civil rights (freedoms of speech, expression and the press) in addition to harming his body. In the video, Ramos referred to himself as a "filmmaker," not a paparazzo. Interesting!

The famed (and infamous) lawyer claims that West's actions may spark more celeb-on-photog violence. Ramos is suing for unspecified damages; Allred requested the court issue a restraining order against West. Somehow we don't think Ye would mind that much, considering he's previously barked at paparazzi to leave him and his loved ones alone.

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