When Mike Tyson is having lady problems he calls his friend Justin Bieber. No, really. Iron Mike was on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, 'Conan,' when talk turned to Bieber and how he and Tyson are unlikely allies, having met through their mutual friend DJ Marley Marl.

Tyson admitted, "I like Justin Bieber a lot, he’s pretty cool" before delving into how they even crossed paths in the first place.

Seems that Tyson had a fight with his wife earlier in the day, and when Marley Marl put Bieber on the phone, Tyson decided to unload all his problems onto him. Which prompted Bieber to invite the heavyweight champion to come hang out with him in the Bahamas, telling him, "Hey, come out of it Mike, come out of it. Come on. Go to the airport, go to the airport ... Let's go the airport ... I'm sending a plane."

Sadly, he did not take the Biebs up on his offer, and the story of the best vacation ever never was.

You can hear Tyson's story of their conversation above, complete with his Justin Bieber impression. It could use some work.

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