Today (July 11) was a convenient day for the celebs to be out getting Slurpees at their favorite convenience store. Some of them were also catching up on their favorite shows, tweeting photos from the set and coming up with crazy movie remake ideas. That is when they weren’t making up salacious rumors about their own husbands (we’re looking at you, Ali Wentworth).

Well, we hope you’re not eating because, thanks to Brett Ratner, now you know what you’d be having for dinner if you were Hercules.

We’ll be looking for Nick Cannon’s next project in theaters in 2014. But not after midnight and we won’t bring any water.

Jackie Chan: 100 percent awesome, 100 percent of the time.

Guess which big time singer watches ‘America’s Got Talent.’ Wouldn’t you want Sheryl Crow to be your biggest fan?

We can tell Ali Wentworth the rumors started here.

And finally, a very important question from Conan O’Brien.

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