Kanye West's official website posted the music video for his song 'Black Skinhead' yesterday -- and then abruptly pulled it. We initially assumed it was because it's terrible, or because 'The Wolf of Wall Street' is a much better music video despite being a film trailer.

But in actuality? Seems someone leaked the video before it was done.

(Warning, this video is NSFW if your boss has a thing against hard-to-discern digital man parts.)

The video itself is super dark and features a SIMs version of a laughably ripped Kanye West dancing in front of black-hooded KKK members, snarling dogs turning into those Claymation monsters from 'Ghostbusters,' and more of what Miley Cyrus would wrongly call "symbolism."

Ah yes, his penis must represent his desire to make those damn croissants, an obvious phallic symbol on which he plans to go 300, much like those Spartans Romans.

Cool story, bro.

You can see the entire video above. Personally? We would have preferred a hologram. (One with pants on.)

Kanye took to Twitter this afternoon to apologize for the leak and then to yell at whomever unveiled this monstrosity to the public. Or maybe he was just trying to cover for the fact that everyone began pointing and laughing the moment this thing hit the interwebz.