Farrah Abraham is continuing her porn tour, talking to anyone who will listen about the video she commissioned with James Deen, then tried to pass off as a stolen sex tape.

The latest? She admits it was her idea, doesn't want it released without tons of cash thrown at her and thinks Deen's ween needs some work.

And she admitted all of this to TMZ cameras while walking around an airport ... with her mother.

When asked if she was upset that Deen blew the lid on her sex tape strategy, Abraham, who willingly shot a porno with the porn star, pretended to be clueless. "What strategy is that? He was just being disrespectful to a woman and I think things have gone to his head, and he wasn't getting any attention ... I don't know, I think he should just quit being in the public eye because he's just not a good person."

Bear in mind, this is coming from a girl who became famous for an unplanned pregnancy, screaming at her mom and getting implants with money that could have gone to her ultimately doomed child's college fund.

Abraham and her mom said Deen was "using her" to get in the public eye, despite Abraham commissioning the adult video actor to star in the tape with her -- which she admits in the video, and inadvertently in her cease and desist letter to Vivid. (She claims ownership because she doesn't want it being sold without hefty bags of money chucked at her.)

Following a disclaimer that she doesn't like speaking negatively about anyone, she quipped, "He should get out of the porn industry. Things have gone to his head. He does not respect women," she said, before adding a big doozy: "His penis is small ... I haven't seen that many penises, but his is not big."

And in case you forgot, her mom was with her the whole time. We bet she thinks she did a great job.