In addition to sexing up teen moms and being in movies with Lindsay Lohan, James Deen also has a cooking show. And despite it being hosted on a porn website, the show itself is comparatively tame.

So no, this is not about a show called 'Cooking With James Deen (And Also His Penis).'

Instead, on his semi-regular series 'James Deen Loves Food,' Deen cooks and visits restaurants. All while occasionally shirtless. (NOTE: Link is on a site that may not be safe for work.)

He particularly seems to love recreating the last meals of death row inmates like Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, but he's also not above making hot dogs inspired by turduckens, crafting the world's most expensive burrito, or dumpster-diving for snacks to review.

There are currently 18 episodes of 'James Deen Loves Food.' And once you watch them, we think you'll agree that's not nearly enough.

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