We haven't heard much from Farrah Abraham lately, but don't worry -- she still has the tabloids on speed-dial.

This time around, she continues to be bitter that James Deen blew the lid on her 'Back Door Teen Mom' porno. You know, the one she tried to pass off as a private sex tape, despite hiring a professional porn star to appear in it with her and selling it through Vivid.

Her latest allegations? That Deen is a mad man.

"He was gentle because I made him be gentle, but I think in life he has more of an anger issue which makes him not so gentle," she told Radar Online.


She continued, "I'm okay with my choice of having my one and only video with James. Now that I know him more, I would never do it with him again and I'm not interested in any other public figures in entertainment to get physical with, but wish them all the best on their love life."

When asked about the video itself, she played -- okay, maybe not played -- dumb about the title's implications. "The back door on my apartment, I think," she giggled. "It was more than anal sex, but Vivid was in charge of the title, not myself." (Creativity is apparently not in her skill set.)

So what kind of man is she actually looking for?

Abraham seeks out a "confident, stable, well-balanced individual who is intelligent and humorous," because apparently opposites attract, and says her dream date is "[to meet] in Dubai and have dinner by the ocean … the rest that follows will be equally as intriguing."

But is it really intriguing if we've seen it all before?

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