As we told you previously, Farrah Abraham pled guilty to her Nebraska DUI charges. But now the horrific terms of her deal are coming to light: She won't be able to booze it up for a full six months.

TMZ broke the story on the plea details, which also included six months probation, a $500 fine (a debt easy paid by sweet, sweet porno money) and the installation of an ignition interlock device on her car.

But the deal also entails her not drinking a drop of liquor for six months. This normally wouldn't be much of an issue -- except that Farrah is currently on a cross-country tour of strip clubs hosting "VIP party" meet and greets surrounded by the stuff.

Why would she risk it? Well, trial by fire can be a great way for people to test their limits. But maybe Farrah really just wants to go to prison to research her role in 'Back Door Teen Mom 2: Top Bunk Booty.'